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Simple Airfryer Rice recipes

Rice with Stir Ingredients 1 cup of rice 2 cups of water 1 onion in small cubes Finely chopped onion Finely chopped garlic stalk 3 finely cut peppers 1 tablespoon of...
Cake recipes in airfryer

Delicious Cakes Recipes to make in Air Fryer

Tender Corn Pancake in Air Fryer Ingredients Sweet corn1 Mug of corn flour 1 Cup of Leche.de soy1 Cup of Vegan grated cheese. 1 tsp of Sal.1...
Airfryer cheesecake

Five Cheese Recipes to make in AirFryer

This article contains different varieties of cheese recipes you can make in AirFryer. They did not contain images but it is very simple and straightforward to follow.
Sweet potatoes recipes

Simple Potatoes recipes to make in Airfryer

This can be eaten as breakfast or for snacks. The recipes are easy to follow and i assure you great outcome from your airfryer just by following the recipes be