Apple launches a new iPhone and wants to be climate neutral by 2030

The annual Apple event, in which the tech giant makes important announcements, this year revolved around the climate, the brand new iPhone 15 and new smartwatches. Apple CEO Tim Crook presented the new iPhone at the headquarters of the American technology company.

The new iPhone will be equipped with a so-called USB-C port to charge the phone, instead of the ‘lightning cable’ that has been used since 2012. Apple thus meets the requirements of the European Commission.

Brussels wants all mobile phones and rechargeable devices to have this port from the end of next year, to prevent waste and extra costs for consumers. Nowadays, many people still have different chargers at home.

Four telephones

Apple is launching a total of four new iPhones: the 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. All models receive updated camera lenses and new system options. According to Apple, the phones are easier to repair and are said to have better battery life.

New smartwatches are also coming onto the market. The two new models should function faster than the older ones.

Climate neutral

During the event, Apple also announced its intention to become carbon neutral by 2030. The new Apple Watch is the first step in this; according to the tech giant, it is climate neutral.

To reach its 2030 goal, the company says it will use more sustainable materials, “clean” electricity and environmentally friendly shipping methods. The company will also stop using leather as a material for watch straps.



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