Apple is already testing new iPhones with USB-C

Apple has been testing future iPhones in which the Lightning port has been replaced by USB-C for months. With this step, Apple would comply with new European regulations that require manufacturers to use USB-C.

This is what sources say to Bloomberg , which often publishes its own information about future Apple products. The transition from Lightning to USB-C would not take place until 2023 at the earliest. This is in line with statements made by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo earlier this week. The iPhone 15 would then become the first iPhone with a USB-C port.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is also developing a new adapter that will allow future iPhones to work with accessories that have a Lightning connection. According to Bloomberg, it is not yet clear whether Apple will include that adapter in the box.

Apple already uses USB-C in many iPads and Macs, but for example the AirPods, the Apple TV remote control and many other accessories still use Lightning. The USB-C adapter that Apple is working on should solve that problem.

In recent years, most Android smartphones and many other gadgets have already received USB-C ports. Compared to Lightning, USB-C offers faster data transfer and charging speeds.

EU will make USB-C mandatory

The main reason for Apple to switch to USB-C is the European Union’s plan to oblige manufacturers of all kinds of devices to use USB-C. Those rules should come into effect in 2024.

Apple resisted that proposal for years, saying it would limit innovation. The EU hopes the measure will combat the growing mountain of electronic waste, such as unused cables and charging plugs. 

European iPhone version

According to Bloomberg, it is possible that Apple will decide to release a European iPhone version, while the Lightning port will remain in the iPhone in other parts of the world.

Apple has also suggested that it wants to release a  portless iPhone  , which can only be charged wirelessly. The first iPhone with the Lightning port was the iPhone 5 from 2012.

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