American politicians also want the iPhone to have USB-C

Following the European Union’s lead, the United States should also make the USB-C port mandatory in gadgets. American politicians made this call to the Minister of Commerce.

A group of American politicians, including former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, have called on the US government to make USB-C the mandatory charging standard for many devices. In doing so, the US would follow the example of the European Union. The EU recently reached an agreement on a  USB-C obligation from the end of 2024 .

According to the US senators, the different charging standards cause more electronic waste and environmental damage. Moreover, it can lead to additional costs for consumers.

First iPhone with USB-C

The EU measure means that Apple will have to equip iPhones with USB-C ports for the first time. Apple currently uses its own Lightning connector in iPhones, AirPods and some other devices.

Apple has resisted the EU proposal for years. The American senators expect that Apple will again be obstructive in the US. “Big Tech is allergic to regulations. The companies also tried to block the new EU rules,” a spokesperson for one of the politicians told The Verge.

Apple’s Lightning port is ‘expensive and frustrating’, according to the politicians. “We cannot allow the electronics industry to prioritize proprietary and inevitably outdated charging technology over consumer protection and environmental health,” they wrote in the letter to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

iPhone 15 already gets USB-C’

According to rumors, Apple is planning to switch to USB-C charging in the iPhone 15 as early as next year . Apple is also said to be developing a new adapter that will allow future iPhones to work with accessories that have a Lightning connection. Ultimately, Apple would like to make the iPhone completely portless.

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