A little piece that encourages you to be fruitful and productive

This is meant for you. Yes, I mean you who are reading this piece. I say: Be Fruitful!
You were created to be the beauty of creation. That is the intention of Him who created you and made you Master of things created.
Therefore, whatever is your endeavor you ought to use your creative power to be productive, and in so doing become fruitful.
What you need is that positive force of conviction called FAITH. Believe, and it is done. Believing means casting away from your mind the minutest iota of doubt.
I have read and seen the barren give birth to triplets. It is possible by the possibility of Him who provides an oasis in the wilderness.
I decree upon whatever you are doing that is genuine enormous downpour of fruitfulness. Put HIM first and allow yourself to remain an instrument in His hands.
He is abundantly able. Trust Him, He does not fail nor disappoint.

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