Being Sexually Compatible

This piece is mainly meant for married couples and intending ones; but in a world that has gone digital in almost everything and so compact scientifically, there’s nothing hidden any longer from the prying eyes of the upcoming generation with its precocious inquisitive character.
Therefore, the much or best this piece could do is to educate, without inhibition, the reading populace. But it must be pointed out that the subject of our discussion is something sacred. and should be devoid of any profanity.
In as much as we want to maintain transparency, we wouldn’t want to engage in foul language where degrading or derogatory words are used. Instead, we implore those who might seek for more clarification on this issue or any other relating to relationships, either marital or casual, to reach us through the Contact given at the end of this discourse.
To get a comprehensive answer, one should be patient and follow every line of this discourse in order to grab the full meaning, since being compatible involves a lot of things. Giving a hasty answer that would require a round of expatiation does not augur well for this kind of issue.
One should read between the lines and make sure that the minutest point raised here is taken seriously. In brief, the word COMPATIBLE means being able to associate agreeably, without modification(s).
The two underlying words here are “agreeably” and “modifications”. In the context of our discussion, couples should have a common agreement in sexual matters without modification — implying that none of them should assume a different personality from what he/she used to be in order to have a common ground in sex related matters…

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