Online business opportunities for students

Having legitimate online business as a young university graduate will play a vital role in making you to be self-employed without thinking of “how, where” to submit CV or other documents and also fasten your chances of getting employed to your dream jobs.

Majority of companies now requires their employers to have adequate knowledge on computer software’s and online business skills experience before they can be employed into their company depending on the category of job they applied for.

Some young graduates don’t consider having side knowledge of what they were taught during their stay in the university which may make it possible for them to prepare and adapt adequately to what future might holds for them.

Most graduates that had already equipped themselves with a demanding legitimate online business skills outside or related to whatever course they studied tends to relax when they graduated from school and only focused on expanding and building their online business skills more.

There are so many legitimate online business opportunities that every young graduate can learn today and be totally independent and will not all that be bothered on submitting his or her CV to companies or maybe can use that as side hustle which will be of a very good help in improving your financial status.

There are Millions of business that one can start-up online. What should be your main obligations in doing business online; Is knowing where you perfectly fit-in and your ability to withstand whatever bad or good that might come out from it.

So I guess here is where the octave of this article lies.

let’s dive in!

I would list and explain some of the legitimate online business opportunities for graduates and also for anyone interested.

  1. 1. Freelancing:

Doing freelancing job is not easy to start-up initially but if you remain confidence and consistency you will gradually rise and become most sought after so far you mastered your skills effectively.

Freelancer is a person that offer quality skills services online in exchange for money.

There are many freelancing jobs one can engage in such as content writing, photography, digital marketing, web designing, graphics design, 3d modelling, software development, animations, voice translation, video editing, music and audio, business research and other numerous categories.

So how does this website aid you in doing freelancing job?

Freelancing Websites like, Have undoubtedly made it easy for freelancers to interact with their clients without any glitches or meeting physical. the beautiful nature of this websites is that you can get any type of job from clients in different countries.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Hey! here is one of the demanding online business opportunities anyone can start with zero capital.

so how does this affiliate marketing thing work?

Affiliate marketing simply means advertising or marketing company products and services in other to earn commission on successful sales.

There are many websites that offers affiliate marketing to people that are ready to market their product. This website has a system that enables you to personalize their products so far you adhere to their affiliate marketing policy.

Mostly E-commerce websites like,,,, etc. is where you can get affiliate marketing opportunity that pays you upto 10-50% of any products or services that clients bought through your affiliate ID. Apart from e-commerce site there are other companies that have feature for people that are interested in affiliating with them based on specific services they offer.

You can find out if a particular ecommerce website enables affiliate marketing feature by scrolling to their footer navigation.

So how can you market or sale product for those E-commerce websites you have signed up with?

There is various medium by which you can promote company’s products such as using Facebook page, Websites, referring people to purchase products from the ecommerce company you are affiliating for using your affiliate link and you will earn your own commission on successful purchase.

Here is the complete list of Top E-commerce website that accept affiliate marketers:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.

  1. Selling products and services:

This is very lucrative online business any person that have products or services to sell wills earn adequately.

So let’s say you deals on male and female clothing and you want to be marketing your products online. There are several medium you can use to expand your sales to millions of people out-there in your locality. which I will classify as direct or indirect medium.

Direct medium:

  • Owning an ecommerce website
  • Advertising your products using digital marketing tools like social media, pay per click, AD etc.
  • Advertising on blog sites or forums

Indirect medium:

  • partnering with Top E-commerce websites such as,,,, etc.  
  1. Online E-books publishing:

Well, like I said earlier in this article, there are millions of opportunities for anybody that wants to make legit money online.

Are you a prolific, amateur, professional author or expert writer?

The truth is that you can reach more Readers that will patronize your books easily online than you marketing it physical and if your book is very enticing, people will surely buy it and you will make fast sales and generate huge income from the sales.

The beauty of online business stuffs is that there are many websites that have Successfully made everything easy for anyone that want to start anything online, be it for client or online marketer.

There are websites that will help you publish your books online for free without you paying a dime but will have a certain percentage per sales, and also help market your Published E-books to their Visitors and you can make your money without any stress.

Some of this website are, Kindle EBooks publishing,,,,,,,,,,, etc.

They have options where you can set the price of your books and also you will agree on the percentage that they will be deducted from each sales you make through their site.

  1. Social media, blogging, Vlogging:

Let’s take on social media, firstly one may ask what kind of job can I get through social media.

There are numerous opportunities one can use to earn cool cash be it on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

If you are someone that can pull active followers on social media platform and also you are good in writing engaging, viral, controversial, educative post about society, celebrities, tech, stories and other stuffs.

There are companies, individuals, gov’t, org that needs someone who will be their social media engagement manager, social media marketer or sort of. So if you have such skill in writing engaging content that can trends well, you can be employed easily by individual or companies.

You can use your social profiles such as fb page, fb group to advertise personal business, company’s products, products reviews, and other stuffs online if you have huge followers.

There are other opportunities that are hovering on social media that I won’t cover here, its left for you or you can private message me.

Now we will discuss on blogging. Well blogging is lucrative in its own part but for beginners that wants to start doing blogging it’s a very hard to make that fast cash you are aiming for at the beginning stage.

I won’t discuss much on blogging here, if you need to know professional secret to become expert blogger and also earn within months of opening a blog site, you can contact me through my email [email protected] for personal coaching.

However, There are different platform such as, which are free that you can easily use to open your own blog site once you signed up.

Bloggers monetize their blog by using different advertising agency such as,,, Companies/individual Advertising, paid publishing and other numerous opportunities that awaits successful blogger.

Vlogging, what is Vlogging?

Well just like blogging, Vlogging is video blogging.

Do you have that amazing things you want the world to see in your video. something Educative, entertaining, boring, mind blowing, cool and so on.

We all know YouTube as that place where you can watch that your favorite videos. But have you wondered how that your favorites channel e.g. Mark angel comedy, and others on YouTube earn their money.

The answer is that YouTube pays them by advertising on any of their video because their channels have huge subscribers. If you are sensitive you can notice the small clip that will show up when you are about to stream a video on YouTube; It’s called AD(Advert). Company or individual can also pay you to make advertise their product or service in your videos.

So for someone that wants to earn by doing vlogging, you have to be creative and original.

6 Online tutor:

Do you have that passion to tutor people either, in music, programming, business, blogging, animations, graphics design, Educational courses such as chemistry, English, physics, Mathematics etc.?

This is one of legitimate online business one can earn legitimately if you have that good qualities of tutoring and have Good Visual Room.

If you interested in going into online tutoring, here are list of legitimate sites that offers online jobs for tutors.,,,, Aim-for-A,,,,,,,,,,

Doing online tutor is a good avenue to earn well if you have the required skill.

So am going to wrap up this article here and I encourage every students both undergraduate and young graduates and also for anyone that needed legitimate online business opportunities for students to make good use of the information that I have carefully poured out in this article.

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