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There are many ways in which an article writer can expertly write a viral content that can drive thousands to millions of traffic to a website, Irrespective of what the content are; or what it is all about…

These are question to have in mind when creating an original blog post, which are:

    How can one write a viral content?

    What are the sure easy steps on writing original and viral content?

    How do I improve my article writing skills?

   What are the Tips to Create viral post that drives millions of views ?

Hold on!, let this questions not bother you, we are heading towards the gold farm….there’s lots of gold to mine.

One thing you should know while reading this article,is that there are some precautions and technique one should master before thinking of writing original and viral content that drives traffic to sites.

When I say “original and viral content” I did not mean to say that such original article that you are planning to write have not existed anywhere on the internet.

Original ways of writing content means being exceptional and creative when writing a public post for your readers. I have seen some bloggers that focus mainly on writing article that will rank them higher on Google, forgetting that their readers are also eager to grab vital information concerning that article, they might get disappointed when they got to know that from A-Z of the article that you wrote doesn’t have any meaningful thing on it.

 As a good author or writer, you should Learn to follow your visitor’s interest, reply their comment and also note whatever things that they didn’t like on your blog articles so that you can be able to edit if possible.

Nowadays Google search engine ranks websites that have original content and well optimized content higher than others with copied or poor optimized contents.

Lets continue!.

Here are the five straight approach to take when creating original and viral content thank ranks faster:

1.What skill or talent do you possess:

Do you have talent in writing about history or events, football, how to sing, how to play musical instruments, painting/drawing, traveling, dancing, computer programming etc. Think of how to showcase your ideas or skills by publishing articles based on what you knows how to do best.

2.Working on your skill:

Have you tried to write out some of those skills that you have on a sheet of paper or by making use of note editor.

Now let me say this. Even if you are an amateur on your skill, do you know that you can write a natural viral content that can trends among your readers with the level of skills that you already have?

Let’s say you are just a beginner in playing “piano” you might have mastered the various keys notes necessary for the basic introduction to piano lessons,Now you can share the guidelines on how you learnt this basic of “piano key notes” with your blog readers.

There are so many beginners like you, that have been looking for where to learn music instrument such as “piano” now, do you have idea that there can be up to 50k teenagers searching for this keywords

“how to learn piano for beginners”, “beginners guide on learning piano”, “how to play key F in piano” etc.

So this is where you come in,your first step here is to embark on a keywords research by making use of so many keywords research tool that you can find online.

You can get some free but if you need more in-depth results then you can pay for some sites that offers valid keyword researches software services. So whichever one suits your needs, use it.

Make use of the keywords research’s tool to grab the hottest keywords that will direct as many teenagers searching for “learning piano for beginners, how to learn piano for beginners, beginners guide on learning piano, how to play key F in piano” etc.

So after your keywords research have been completed, your next step is carve out a suitable title that will match the content you want to write. So let’s assume your content title might come like this

“easy steps on how I learnt piano as a beginner”, “A-Z for learning basic piano key notes for amateurs”, introduction to learning piano keys by playing amazing grace”.

So it’s up to you to make any title of your choice that you felt comfortable with and use it as your headline.

The next step is to start writing your content based on your desired topics interest and try to span at least 1k words or more of all that you have learn during the period of your “piano beginner lessons” starting from day 1, how you stay motivated during your learning section, where you get tutorials materials for learning piano, and also difficulties you faced during your learning process and how you overcomes them.

  1. Proof-read and edit your content:

Having finished writing the article about how you “learn piano as a beginner” (you can use any topic), Make sure you checked your spellings (professionalism in writing counts) and also sought out for proof-reading from your friends or any one that you found worthy of going through your article and can be able to edit it in a perfect way that will be much more captivating and explainable to your readers

4.Submit your content as guest post to top sites on your niche:

When you are through with the proofreading and editing process, search on the internet again to check for websites that might have niche or pages  related to the content that you have created.

Contact those sites and seek for guest posting on their site,convince them that you have a new content that relates to their previously published articles.

Care to let them know that you will like them to link-back to your site. The easy way to do this is to Read their “write for us” page policy so as knows rules that they used in linking-back to other site.

Although some websites don’t like linking-back but they actually knows the best way to recommend you to their readers. While some do use author box for linking their guest posting visitors.

So if you were approve on the guest posting request, then note that your article are on 50% stage of going viral.

Let say the site you are trying to submit your guest posting is one the most popular “musical instrument tutorial site for piano lessons” and luckily, your new article is published to their visitors that may be up to 50millions visitors per month.

“Hurray” your content has gone viral already. Why?, Because You have written a great content that matches their readers interest.

5.Making good use of your popularity:

After your article have gone live on the site you submitted your guest posting article to, You don’t have to wait or keep mute, especially if you have your own “music tutorial site” where you give tutorials concerning learning various musical instrument.

Use that opportunity to start writing original and viral content that is also associated to “piano lessons” or other music related contents.

Your next topic might be “playing amazing grace with key G for piano beginners” etc.

By doing this just know that the visitors that have seen your article on other site that you have submitted your guest posting to, will likely love to know check if there are other tutorial available concerning “how to learn piano for beginners” and others.

 Let’s say “3million visitors” read your guest posting on other site,There is possibility that out of “3million visitors, 500-1million visitors” will likely love to follow your website link (if available) or through your email address so as to learn more about your published articles on “piano tutorial for beginners” or “piano lessons”.

I will stop here for now,but Just know that this is the essential factors that you should consider if you want to dished out a great content that must surely go viral.

 I have explained everything you need to drive that millions of traffics to your next published article.

Make sure you applied this tutorial when writing your content all the time.

Sorry I used “piano lessons” as an example to this ,It’s up to you to follow from the example I gave and applied to the article that you wanted to write about…

If you have any question or more explanation, am ready to reply. “Cheers”. If there is need to contact me, you can make use of my contact page thanks…

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