Taking bad financial decision that kills career

You think you have money?

Arrival Mentality can hurt you so badly.

You don’t have money. Always think like you’re broke. Clear the money in your bank account. Invest it somewhere. See yourself as being broke. Be hungry for more.

Charles Dickens may have written “Oliver Twist” as a story, but humans are naturally Oliver Twist.

Let your success fuel your hunger.

Except you don’t have anything to build or chase after; you can just maintain a snail-like pace. After all, you have nothing to lose.

Young man, young woman. You’re broke. That *₦40k* you earn per month is just *$97* or less. Doesn’t it bother you?

I have clients’ projects to work on, but I felt I should share this message with you. Hopefully, you’ll act on it.

You won’t be 22 years forever. Neither will you be 28 years forever.

What is your 10-year plan? If you’re 25 today, what would you want accomplished by 35?

There’s no time.

I remember when I was 22. I already envisioned myself to be a Barrister at that age because I wrote my WAEC at 15 years and 7 months.

But, this is Nigeria. After 2 straight years of not getting admitted to UNN or Unizik, I had to resort to a College of Education.

Not a regret to me. What I wanted to be at the age of 22 was no longer feasible.

At that age, I was already a teacher. Life can usurp your plans. That’s fine.

But, one of the greatest mistakes is to dwell on your failure or past success.

Challenges come. Just be ready to snap out of that in real-time.

Staying put and questioning why things didn’t go this way or that way is one of the tools the devil uses to keep you down.

Take this from someone that has lost some millions doing legitimate business online – but still continues to breathe and push forward like he’s just starting out.

I have nothing more to write. There’s no time.

The decision and the steps you take today determine where you’ll be tomorrow.

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