Mistakes businesses Make that Scare away their Potential Clients

3 Mistakes People Make that Scare away their Potential Buyers​

You must have heard it a thousand times that you must sell something to make money.​

Are you doubting it?​

Okay, let me show you something.​

What did you buy yesterday? Food water? Drinks?

Maybe, you bought snacks or even beef – sweet something.​

When was the last time I ate beef?​

How about Mondays to Fridays when you go to work?

You pay transport fare to and from your workplace.​

The same applies to when you are eating at a restaurant. You pay for what you eat.​

In all of that, what do you think is happening?​

People are selling something to make money.​

The muslim guy that shines your shoe is selling his skill of shoe repair to make money.​

The aunty that has a small shop in your street is selling provisions to make money.​

The security man in your estate or yard is selling his security skills to keep you safe so he can make money.​

Everybody is selling something to make money.​

Even the Yahoo boys you envy are selling their soul to make money. Some go to the extent of using their mama and papa for bad.​

You see, you must sell something to make money online.​

Even if it means selling your brain to make money. I bet you haven’t thought in that direction. You think it is only kidney you can sell to make money. I laugh.​

But, there are some things that will make you not make any sales.​

Perhaps, you are already making the mistakes already. And like every other mistake that moves like BAD LUCK, you will keep making it until you become frustrated. ​

Then, you will start shouting “scam”, “it is a lie” all the time while you are the one that made the mistakes.​

So, here are the mistakes you make that will likely be pursuing your prospective buyers:​

Mistake #1: “The Come and Buy” Mistake​

88% of sellers, especially here in Nigeria make this mistake. They keep asking you to come and buy something for them.​

Like, did you think I woke up one morning to look for something to buy?​

Like seriously?​

It doesn’t happen that way. So, if you are already making this mistake, kindly stop it from today.​

Mistake #2: Inbox Me​

Na this one dey vex me pass. You post something online and when you are asked the price, you tell them “inbox me.”​

If na me, I won’t inbox you anything.​

The reason why people hate this aspect of selling is because it indirectly tells them that you want to give different prices to different people, which is not healthy for your business.​

Mistake #3: You Take Rejection Personally​

I know that it hurts for you to advertise what you sell, and at the end of the day, nobody buys from you.​

You will then start taking it personally.​

Like, asking the person why he or she doesn’t want to buy from you, but buys from someone else.​

If you must succeed as a seller, you have to stop taking rejections personally so you don’t brew unnecessary enmity.​

So, there you have it – 3 major reasons why you haven’t been making sales online.​

Which of those mistakes have you been making?​

What other reasons do you think makes people not to buy from you?​

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