How to maintain clients-business relationship

Most freelancers or businesses don’t understand the important of client’s relationship with their business or services.
Some established firm or business might think that it doesn’t matter whatever their clients might be thinking or saying about their business so far they are making it big in sales and services.

But they never knew that the moment their clients started giving complain about their products or services without the company providing experienced customer experienced personnel that will analyses each reports and provide solution to their complaint then there are 100% possibility that clients will turn back someday and criticize or be doing negative publicity about the company without their knowledge.

I walked inside a bank customer care section to lay complaint on some issues regarding my account but something caught my eyes immediately. On the front desk of the customer care rep were placed a colored flyer with picture illustration that said “Angry customer tells 20 persons, not satisfied customer tells 13 persons, satisfied customer tells 5 persons”

Now what does the small example above seems like? There are different categories of customers with different mindsets and each can have the potential of pulling your company down or help it grow.
There are so much important in collecting customer feedback even if your business or company is so small scale business, treat your customer’s complaints as fast as possible and make sure you maintain good clients to business relationship.

Many companies that started out stronger have gone down due to negative customer criticism, which affected their business because nobody will trust a company that their previous customers don’t speak of them.

Most people usually ask for past reviews from previous customers that patronized the company without the company knowledge and any bad review that new client see about the company will totally discourage him/her from buying products or services from your company.
Every company should have a good customer support representative that is well experienced and can resolve complaints without attaching emotion.

This will help reduce possibility of losing the company reputation due to bad customer’s feedback and it will help company understands who they are competing with, what they would do to improve client’s satisfaction and also learn from the survey of customer’s feedback they received to make analysis of their customer’s behavior especially those that lacks patience, those that are not satisfied with the company products or services.

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