Effective Ways To Monetize Your Writing Skills

Writers are highly gifted people because they can literally “give life to words” courtesy of their mastery of words and how to do the same. In as much as writers tend to be “James Bond of sorts” in terms of using words as they liked one thing that has continually held down many writers is the thoughts of “how to monetize your writing skills.”​

Can I Monetize My Writing Skills?​

Indeed, you need to reap some financial rewards for the time and the effort you put in to ensure that you create content on a daily basis. I perfectly understand the feelings of many writers who haven’t been able to make a dollar ever since they took a career in writing.​

If you are one of such writers who is looking for how to make money from writing, I advise that you pay keen attention to the tips I am about to share. I can guarantee you that when you start implementing these strategies on how to monetize your writing skills, it wouldn’t be long before you make your first $1,000 from writing.​

Without much ado, let us look at these helpful ways of monetizing your writing skills, and which can also move you from a poor and broke writer to a writer that can fly on a chartered flight as much as you wanted.​

1. Get Paid to Write About Anything​

I am sure that by now, you already know how to “hold you potential readers by their jugular” and direct them on what to do. Also, you have learnt how to write irresistible articles that will leave your readers with dropping jaws by the time they devour what you wrote.​

With such an amazing writing skill, you can make money from writing by positioning yourself to get paid to write about anything. This is based on the concept of Ghostwriting.​

As Ghostwriting implies, you (the writer) will be contracted by a client to undertake a writing job on the client’s behalf. On the successful completion and approval of the job, you will be paid while the client will take credit for the job and become the “owner.”​

Therefore, when you are considering Ghostwriting as one of the ways to monetize creative writing, you need to be sure that you are ready to forgo your rights to the articles you write. The moment you receive the payment for the articles, your rights to them will be automatically transferred to the client.​

2. Become a Contributor​

If, on the other hand, you don’t have any client to offer your Ghostwriting services to, you may want to go for the second option – contributing to a blog.​

In this case, your primary job will be to help a blog to create content, which will be published in your name.​

The challenge however is that only a few blogs accept contributors. The first reason for the limited acceptance is that such blogs are just starting out. That means the owners may either be short of cash to pay contributors or they are simply looking to build their platforms (blogs) to a desirable height before bringing others on board.

The second reason is that the owners of the blogs are likely scared about the possibility of helping you gain traction and publicity at the expense of their blogs.​

3. Delve into Freelance Writing​

Freelance writing is one of the ways any smart writer can be able to make money. The concept of Freelance writing entails that the writers will not be working for one client alone. Instead, the writers will have many clients t work with because they are “free” to work with as many clients as they can handle.​

Besides, you will make money writing articles when you become a freelance writer. If you are having challenges in this regard, you can reach out to me so I can help you to monetize writing online.​

4. Join Writing Contests​

Although I haven’t tried my hands on writing contests, they can be a cool way to get paid for writing.​

Depending on the stipulations of the writing contests, you may be required to write on specific genres, such as fiction and drama.​
At the end of the contests, and if you won too, you will be given the prize money.​

5. Creating E-Books Is a Sure Way to Make Money As a Creative Writer​

Electronic Books (e-books) are in huge demand because of the portability and the cost-effective features. Because e-books can be created and published in a space of 42 hours or less, it is now easier for you to put your writing skills to good use.​

The exciting thing about it is the self-publication module, which specifies that you can be able to write on any topic. Once you are through with the write-up, convert the Word Document into a Portable Document File (PDF) and market to the target audience.​

6. Start a Blog​
Writing can be fun when you have a platform where you share your ideas. In as much as the other forms of making money as a writer are commendable, you shouldn’t neglect the need to have a platform of your own.​

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to monetize your writing skills. On the one hand, you will be creating more content to sharpen your writing skills the more. On the other hand, you will be gaining more visibility and attracting more jobs too.​

It is important to mention that blogging can be profitable if you know how to go about it. Contrary to the opinion that you can start a blog today and start making money tomorrow, I want to let you know that it doesn’t work that way.​

It may take many months before you will start earning from your blog. During this time, you will learn the different strategies to monetize a blog, so that when you get the go-ahead (from Google AdSense), you can then move in to monetize your blog.​
Monetize Your Writing Skills Today​

The skill of writing is not what everybody can boast of. The few people that have the skill find it challenging to unearth how to use it to make money.​

I have taken the guess out of the equation so you can have a clearer view of how to make money as a creative writer. I hope you have gained considerable insights into how you can make money writing articles.​

What other ways can you monetize your writing skills?

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